Strategic Planning Update


On January 24, Ian Symmonds, Hackley's strategic planning consultant, spent a full day at school meeting with students, teachers, staff, administrators, and parents. We are grateful to all who made the time to attend these sessions. Ian was pleased with the input offered by all and optimistic about the school's ability to generate and implement a meaningful, sustainable strategic plan.

As a part of his work to understand the school's needs, challenges and priorities beyond the information the recent surveys produced, he met with parents in two different focus group sessions and one drop-in session. Ian also had lunch with Upper School students and met with faculty, staff, and administrators from each division.

In the evening, the Steering Committee held its first in-person meeting. The meeting largely focused on process and timeline issues. Ian will next return to campus on February 20 and details will be forthcoming about that visit.

As he departed at the end of a full day, Ian noted his admiration for our school and our community. As a professional who spends his professional life traveling to different independent schools and colleges, he was struck by the commitment of faculty and staff, and the degree to which our parents see and value this characteristic of the school. His observations confirmed the sense that Hackley is a place where coaches, teachers, boarding associates, advisors, and administrators and staff are focused on connecting with kids and supporting them in their development.

Ian will return to campus frequently over the coming months, and we expect to offer more substantive updates as the process progresses, with additional opportunities for engagement and input.

Chris DeFrancesco