Strategic Planning Update


Hackley’s strategic planning work continues to move ahead. Since the last update on February 2nd, Ian Symmonds returned to campus for his second visit. While here, Ian spent time with the Leadership Team and members of the HPA leadership. Additionally, he held a drop in session for faculty and staff to address questions about the process and timeline. 

In the evening, the Steering Committee met for the second time. The Committee continues to explore the larger context of shifts in the world of education, while also working with Ian to understand the potential opportunities that lie before the Hackley community.

As a next step, the Board of Trustees, the Steering Committee, and the Leadership Team will gather on Saturday, March 3 for a Strategic Planning Retreat. The agenda for this retreat includes a presentation by Ian Symmonds and time to think and work together in response to his presentation. Although no determinations have been made regarding a specific direction, Ian Symmonds has affirmed Hackley’s strength as an independent school. He has urged the Steering Committee to chart an ambitious plan that leverages the many strengths of the school.

In the coming days, we will share the final version of Hackley’s “Portrait of a Graduate.” This document, the result of a thorough process with faculty and input from the community, articulates the aspirational values the school seeks to develop. Based on the school’s mission, the Portrait of a Graduate provides a deeper articulation of what is meant by “character, scholarship, and accomplishment.” It was developed this year so that it could serve as a foundational document in the strategic planning process, helping the Steering Committee align proposed plans with a vision for our students.

Chris DeFrancesco