Strategic Planning Update


Throughout April and continuing into May, over 60 members of the Hackley community--students, faculty, administrators, parents, alumni, and trustees — have collaborated to develop the next strategic plan.

The diversity of perspectives present in these working groups has created a lively conversation, ensuring that the plan developed moves Hackley forward and also retains the best qualities of the school today. 

To date, there have been three working group meetings and one more is scheduled for later in the month. Each working group is organized under a strategy and is charged with developing goals and action steps to support the overarching strategy. The strategies developed out of the research collected by Ian Symmonds and Associates, through the survey, focus groups, and interviews done earlier this year. The process has been collaborative, inclusive, and iterative and is scheduled to finish in Fall 2018. Stay tuned for continued updates on the plan and the process.

Chris DeFrancesco