The Steering Committee


Hackley began laying the groundwork for this process in summer 2017 when we selected Ian Symmonds & Associates (ISA) to help facilitate this process. We will work directly with Ian Symmonds on our strategic plan. With experience partnering with over 260 independent schools and colleges, ISA brings a research-driven, collaborative, and inclusive philosophy to bear on this work.

Throughout the fall, ISA has been examining documents provided by the school and conducting research to better understand Hackley’s strengths and opportunities and the environment in which the school operates. This process, which will result in a formal plan delivered to Hackley’s Board of Trustees, will be guided by the Strategic Plan Steering Committee. 

Chaired by Trustee Vin Sandhu P ‘18, ‘23, the Steering Committee is comprised of the following community members:

  • Sherry Blockinger ’87, trustee, P ’18

  • Melissa Boviero, Middle School faculty

  • Bettie-Ann Candelora, Director of Performing Arts

  • Valentina Castro ’19

  • Dawn Crainer, Lower School faculty, P ’19

  • Dawn Fitzpatrick, trustee, P ’22, ’24

  • David Gluckman, P ’16, ’19, ’25

  • Linda Greenberg, P ’24

  • Will Goldsmith ’19

  • Andy King, Director of the Upper School, P ’30

  • JP Marra ’86, P ’20, ’26

  • Duncan Marshall, P ’29

  • Nancy Mezzacappa, P’14, ’18

  • Bill Roberts ’75, past Hackley Alumni Association President, P ’10, ’13

  • Vin Sandhu, trustee, Chair of the Steering Committee, P ’18, ’23

  • John Canoni ’86, President Hackley’s Board, P ’20, ex officio

  • Michael Wirtz, Head of School, P ’29, ex officio

The role of the Steering Committee is to synthesize the work of this process and deliver a plan to the Board of Trustees.

Chris DeFrancesco