Cultivates habits of character that help students choose to:

  • Treat others with respect, honesty, and generosity in thought, word, and action (Video)

  • Act with humility, integrity, and a sense of responsibility toward the greater good (Video)

  • Respect and strive to understand varying backgrounds and perspectives, fostering empathy, friendships, and community (Video)

Creates habits of scholarship that lead students to:

  • Experience joy in learning while navigating the challenges and failures that are integral to growth (Video)

  • Explore the breadth of their intellectual curiosity, stimulate their creativity, and pursue meaningful questions (Video)

  • Communicate ideas, arguments, and analysis clearly and persuasively (Video)

  • Collaborate to sharpen thinking and broaden perspectives (Video)

Elevates students to form habits of accomplishment, uniting character and scholarship to:

  • Demonstrate the personal courage to attempt new things, the intellectual courage to consider new ideas, and the moral courage to stand for matters of principle (Video)

  • Create a sense of purpose, orienting talent, service, and actions to transcend individual success (Video)

  • Reinforce the immeasurable value of a life marked by friendship, balance, and joy (Video)

Members of the Hackley faculty offered perspectives on what each of the Portrait of a Graduate aspirations meant to them. (Download a PDF of the Portrait of a Graduate poster.)