We have a robust set of goals for the 2019-2020 school year...  

Redefine a Liberal Arts Education


To orient the Hackley program toward enduring habits of “character, scholarship, and accomplishment,” we will begin establishing our competencies throughout the school, including within the curriculum, parent-teacher conferences, and written comments.

As we create opportunities for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teaching and learning, we will determine best practices and exemplary models to support this effort.

Within our expanding emphasis on research centers across disciplines, we will create open exhibitions of student work for the broader school community.        

We will establish connections with local, regional, and national experts and organizations to support student research.

 As we increase our focus on students’ local, national and international responsibilities, we will:

•   Articulate a unique vision for civic understanding and engagement

•   Define its structure and audience

•   Define future professional development opportunities for faculty

Build for the Future 


As we affirm Hackley as a national leader of teaching excellence, we will develop and publish a statement of purpose around diversity, equity, and inclusion work to guide programming and aid faculty recruiting efforts.

We will expand and formalize relationships with regional graduate programs to build stronger networks and relationships beyond Hackley that enrich faculty professional growth and the student learning experience, and create pipelines for teacher recruitment.

We will promote and support faculty presenting at conferences and leading professional development for other educators.

We will strengthen a sustainable collaborative teaching model for Ex Days. We will run two “Hackley Hosts” webinars for educators nationwide.

Promote the Hilltop as a Learning Hub 


Seeking to elevate the ways in which students engage with creative expression and the creative arts, we will:

•   Promote student performances internally through creation of “snapshot” performances and increased use of social media

•   Engage Lower School students to execute a multi-year public art project

•   Develop program to capture the journey of AP Thesis portfolios

•   Create new multi-departmental (visual, performing, and technology arts) field trips

•   Expand AP Art Show digital tour initiative to other exhibitions

•   Select architect for the Center for Creative Expression and develop design concepts

•   Host first Creative Residency, including an opportunity for public engagement        

We will articulate a vision for “Big Experience” programs at important transition points across the K-12 continuum, defining program goals across divisions and clear links to our defined competencies.

We will explore environmental stewardship models and programs in place at peer schools to support our effort to fully utilize the educational capabilities of the Hackley Forest and surrounding natural ecosystems and articulate a vision of outdoor and environmental education K-12.       

To expand culturally immersive travel experiences both domestically and abroad, we will:

•   Explore domestic travel experiences and research potential US partner schools

•   Plan for future course offering that culminates in travel experiences

•   Research potential for special emphasis global education diploma

•   Explore new sources of funding to allow more students to participate

 As we develop a school-wide service-learning program and create a sustainable model for Hudson Scholars, we will:

•   Add a fourth cohort of Hudson Scholars, bringing the program to full capacity

•   Identify and evaluate sustainable leadership structure for Hudson Scholars

•   Catalog current service opportunities K-12

•   Develop professional development for faculty interested in service-learning

Nurture a Culture of Wellness


With the goal of promoting individual wellness throughout the Hackley community, we will:

•   Modify the peer advisory program to train mentors and create additional health teaching time in Upper School

•   Define, create, and implement changes to a research-based health curriculum

•   Explore the expansion of healthy food offerings campus wide

•   Schedule compelling speakers for community on wellness topics

As we begin to reimagine the pace and use of time within the school day and academic year to optimize learning and faculty initiatives, we will determine our schedule review goals, process, and research schedule consultants.

We will sustain the health of Hackley at the institutional level by ensuring continued prudent financial management, and securing targeted philanthropic support for initiatives, especially endowment.

(Progress: Year 1)