Promote lifelong professional learning within Hackley’s faculty and assume a leadership role in cultivating the next generation of independent school educators.

Affirm Hackley as a national leader in teaching excellence. 

Hackley will further a tradition of teaching excellence by recruiting, hiring, and retaining a diverse, talented, and passionate faculty. Exceptional faculty will be attracted to — and will remain at—Hackley through the strengthening of an environment that affirms the professionalism of teachers and encourages lifelong learning and the sharing of effective teaching and learning practices with colleagues and the larger community of educators.  

Selected Action Steps:

  1. Recruit, hire, and retain a faculty that advances Hackley’s tradition of teaching excellence and mirrors the school’s diverse student community.

  2. Identify unique areas where Hackley can promote teaching excellence (e.g. STEM research, creative expression) to professionals beyond our campus.

  3. Explore opportunities (e.g. summer professional development, institute models) to leverage Hackley’s campus and location in promoting educational practices and programs to other educators.

Strengthen a culture of professional development and promote lifelong learning, creativity, and collaboration. 

Hackley will prioritize collaboration and peer-to-peer learning to further develop faculty creativity and strengthen a culture of continuous professional learning. Time, support, and professional development resources will complement individualized professional growth plans for faculty.  

Selected Action Steps:

  1. Develop opportunities for ongoing, internally-led professional development during the school day, including pre- and post-school year sessions.

  2. Partner with faculty to develop individualized professional growth plans that promote continuous growth and enrichment throughout the arc of a career.

  3. Build out initiatives that encourage faculty to collaborate and model creative and innovative thinking, including iGrants, Ex Days, The Hackery (makerspace).

Develop networks and relationships beyond Hackley to enrich faculty professional growth and the student learning experience.

Leveraging Hackley’s location, physical plant, and community network, Hackley will create opportunities for faculty to connect with other educators and professionals to facilitate the sharing of ideas and practices. Exploration of mentoring relationships, teacher exchange programs, and connections with regional graduate programs will deepen the professional learning environment of the school in support of student learning.  

Selected Action Steps:

  1. Build a mentoring model to connect teachers at Hackley with one another and explore expanding to area schools. 

  2. Develop relationships with regional graduate programs to establish Hackley as a center for practical experience and credentialing. 

  3. Explore short-term teacher-in-residence and teacher exchange opportunities for Hackley faculty to teach and learn in other environments and vice versa.